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Basement Water Damage due to Broken Pipe 2

The drywall in this basement was so saturated that it could not support the anchor that was used to install the pool cue holder. This resulted in the anchor ri... READ MORE

Basement Water Damage due to Broken Pipe 1

A pipe broke in this basement, and since the homeowners were not currently residing in the home, it went unnoticed for several days. The drywall and carpet were... READ MORE

Kitchen Hardwood Floor Removal

After a pipe leading to the tub in an upstairs bathroom broke, water flooded this first floor kitchen. The ceiling in the adjoining dining room was removed as a... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot Cleaning in Dining Room

After a heater in the basement caught fire, this entire house was affected by fire, smoke, and soot damage. The basement, where the source of the fire was locat... READ MORE

Basement Room Demolition

After a pipe broke and leaked in an upstairs bathroom, the water inevitability made its way to the room below. This required the ceiling grid and tiles to be re... READ MORE

Bathroom Vanity Removal

After a leak occurred in the adjoining laundry room, this vanity was affected by water. As it was a vacation home, the vanity remained wet for several weeks. ... READ MORE

toilet overflow + dirty water = smell floor

toilet overflowed dirty water into basement

Water damage in finished basement

Water damage caused by groundwater causes major damage to finish basement 

Broken pipe causes kitchen destruction

kitchen damaged due to a pipe burst in a wall cavity. 

Hole in Roof!

Tree came right thru the roof into the living room during a massive rain storm