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We Are Experienced With Any Type of Contents You May Have

SERVPRO is well experienced with all types of contents.  This basement, for instance, contained several arcade games, a professional billiards table with a nice light hanging above it, a felt-top poker table, along with several photos and pieces of art on the wall. If it's salvageable, SERVPRO can save it!

SERVPRO + The Crossings

SERVPRO works closely with many of the stores at The Crossings Premium Outlets. Whether they have experienced fire, water, or mold damage, or if they are just in need of a professional cleaning, SERVPRO is the first call they make!

Kevin and Pablo Using a Portable Extractor

Kevin and Pablo work with a portable extractor to help dry the carpet at Mountain Vaporz in Tannersville, PA. After a water main break, the building was flooded with over 1,000,000 gallons of water.

John Using a Ride-On High Volume Extractor

John uses a ride-on high volume extractor in a local business.  With this machine, he can 1,200 sq ft of carpet and pad in under two hours. Faster extraction means faster re-opening for the business.

John Using a Ride-On High Volume Extractor

John uses a ride-on high volume extractor to extract water from the carpet at Mountain Vaporz in Tannersville, PA. After a water main break, the building was flooded with over 1,000,000 gallons of water.

Mountian Vaporz Calls SERVPRO After Water Main Break

SERVPRO of Southern Monroe County works to get Mountain Vaporz in Tannserville, PA back open after a massive water main breaking the night before. In front of the building, you can see a fraction of the equipment that will be used to dry the structure.

Crawlspace Seal Up

Crawlspace post mold mitigation 

Roof Tear up

What was supposed to be a quick and painless tear out and replace of shingle took a wrong turn once lateral beams were found under not one but two layers of 3 tab shingles! 

dusty HVAC

Hvac covered in Mold

Chimney Fire

With outrageously cold weather in our area over the last few weeks , we have had numerous chimney and fire calls. This one had a raccoon stuck in the chimney causing massive soot damage to the home.

Ford Focus Face Lift

The Ford Focus got a much needed face lift.

Hood Cleaning

Over time ventilation hoods can begin to collect dirt and grime . As you see here this is the aftermath of years of neglect. SERVPRO was called in to take care of the issue and within days it was like new.

Painted Floors

This community center is a place that brings a tremendous amount of joy. Here you see what some kids did to the floor of the rec room. All in good fun. SERVPRO was able to come in give them the TLC they needed.

Basement Puff Back

Puff backs can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home or business. Just when you think you are ready for the weather winter brings, You turn the heat on and your house starts to look like the inside of the oven 

Puff Back

It is that time of the year again. Time to turn the heat on . One thing people forget is that through the warm months dust and debris sit in you HVAC system causing issues like this puff back you see here.

Tarped up Siding

One way SERVPRO prevents secondary damage is the ability to do things like tarp ups. The way although the siding has not been replaced yet. The homeowner can rest easy knowing the house is safe from the elements

Storm Damaged Siding

The mighty winds of NEPA can really take you for a spin. Over here you see the damage wind can do to the siding of your home. Always go out and inspect your property after a day or nigh of heavy wind or storms

Moldy Wall

Mold can grow almost anywhere. As you see here we have mold growing on this basement wall. The humidity in the air mixed with the porous wall cause the mold to have a breeding ground for spores.

Mold Floor joists

Over time Humidity in a place like a crawlspace or basement can start to get attacked by mold. In the picture above you see what happens when mold starts to take over organic materials like wood.

Water Damaged Attic

Over time things like skylights start to lose their seal around the edges causing water to come through the cracks. What you see here is what happens when little things like that get out of control and start to cause real damage to a home.

Hot Water Heater Leaking OIL!

This is most homeowners worst nightmare Oil and water mixing together to completely destroy your basement. In the pictures shown here you see over 3 feet of water and oil taking over the basement of the house.

Roof Tarping

Having a roof over your head is very important. That being said when the roof gets severely damaged like you see above, The customer begins to get very nervous. Luckily for the customer SERVPRO was able to come and tarp up the roof before any more damage could be done

ROOF there it is!

In the picture above you can see some clear damage done to the shingles on the roof. Luckily for these customers they were able to call SERVPRO and get the shingles removed and replaced in no time

Trampoline to smithereens

Not all storm losses always effect the house sometimes like you see here. It can miss the house and go right through the trampoline. Now I know its a hard pill to swallow but better the trampoline than the living room


Storm damage is a dangerous thing. As you see here a tree was struck by lighting and fell right through the clients family room. SERVPRO was quick to respond and get the home back in working order

Fire loss

Here we have a fire loss in Mt. Pocono, The house was a rental home and the furnace was left on for over 3 months. After month of neglect the pilot light caught fire burning up part of the house

Why did the Chicken cross the road... To avoid the smoke damage in the KITCHEN

When looking at this loss photo you may think "Everything looks fine" but in reality when you leave the chicken boiling he wants to run. Here we have a smoke loss due to overcooking on the stove top.

Smoke Damage

This is the source of loss at a residential job we were called into over the weekend. The type of loss was smoke. SERVPRO was able to come in and get right to work restoring the home back to its before damage state

Goodness Gracious Great Rooms Of Fire

Fire is a very dangerous thing. Especially when it starts in your mud room and starts to destroy everything. This photo  above shows what happens when a fire starts inside your house.  

Rust and Water Damage

Rust place a huge part in ruining your home. Things like this happen when a lack of TLC is given to your basement. With the weather changing make sure to always inspect your crawl space  from time to time. 

Hot Water Heater Burst

In this photo you can see what can happen when your hot water heater burst and caused quite a bit of after damage to this basement. SERVPRO was able to get the problems fixed in a timely fashion.

Water Damage

Humidity can cause quite a bit of damage. Overtime things like metal start to break down and cause mold and rust. In this picture you can see some runoff of that rust onto the spray foam insulation. 

Commercial Mold Loss

It's that time of year again, the rain is starting to fall and the weather is starting t change. Here we have a townhouse that has some mold damage sue to humidity in the basement.

Water Damage

Water damage caused a tremendous amount of damage to this concession stand. SERVPRO was able to act quickly assess the situation and get the problem solved in a timely fashion, allowing the client to relax and know everything was taken care of.

Commercial Loss

This is the finished Product of what was once a mold infested area. Now that SERVPRO came in and remedied all the problems, this once beloved stage can serve its purpose once again. 

Happy Birthday Ann!

Celebrating Ann's (SMM) Birthday here at the office. SERVPRO is a company built on a strong sense of relationship

Bathroom Mold

Tiles began to fall out of shower. Home owner has been in the home for several decades. Over time these mold/structural issues will start to occur. To avoid things like this always make sure to look over the tile grout once a month. SERVPRO was able to come in and create a beautiful bathroom for the owner

Office sink pipe burst

This is the source of what was a medium sized clean water leak that damaged not only the source room but also ran down into 1 office and into the basement causing a substantial amount of mitigation to be done. 

Pipe Leak Aftermath

This is the aftermath of the pipe leak in an office building. The leak started in an office and made its way down the hallway to the main reception area. SERVPRO came to the rescue and handle the issues in no time. If you don't know what to do when it comes to restoration CALL SERVPRO!

Lowes Pro Services Appreciation Day

Lowes was busy today! Great day with some even better weather. Lots of people stopped by today for our giveaways, Great times with some great people out at Lowes. We love being out in the area meeting new people. 


View from the SERVPRO booth. Being active out in the community is a great way for SERVPRO to get its name out there. We want to make sure if anything happens you know we are just a phone call away.

Lowes Pro Services Appreciation Day

SERVPRO booth dialed in for the Lowes Pro Services Appreciation Day in Bartonsville. Great to be out and about in the community, talking to people and making lots of new friends. 


Shawn Prepping the car for cleanup. Being able to get to the job site in a short amount of time allowed us to get ahead of the issues we were going to face.


Eddie prepares to seal off the door to begin fogging the interior of the vehicle. By sealing off the windows we were able to begin negative air treatment on the corolla 


SERVPRO out in the community helping out local car dealerships with mold and water remediation. We here at SERVPRO understand the specific needs our commercial accounts have and strive to meet them